Ian Deveau


I use photography to express the raw beauty, power, and importance of our planet's environments, and the people who choose to play in them.

I like working with full frame compositions and natural lighting to capture subjects how I feel we truly exist: overpowered by the scenes around us, but somehow balanced in there among the chaos. No one is bigger or more important than nature. I think when we're lucky, we can sometimes fit perfectly into her framework, even if it's just for a split second. These are the moments I live for.

I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and have an intense passion for sports and the outdoors. This passion guided me into storytelling pretty organically, as I began documenting days spent skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, surfing, and just about anything else my friends and I could do that involved jumping off things or possibly getting hurt. It also led me to Colby College, to explore the woods and mountains of Maine. 

After college I moved to Los Angeles and started working for a world renowned advertising and fine art photographer named Bo Bridges. I had the opportunity to learn an immense amount through projects with Red Bull, Surfer Magazine, ESPN, and Discovery Channel - experiences that opened my eyes to the commercial side of photography as well as the fine-art side. Bo's passion for adventure and the badass images he produced inspired me to dedicate myself to my own photography craft as well. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. 

For me, being a photographer is about being fully immersed in my environment. Making photographs adds to the adventure of my everyday life and allows me to truly see and examine closely the people and places around me. It also encourages me to continue to travel and explore this wild planet that we are so fortunate enough to live on. I hope that some of my images will inspire people to think more about one another and our planet. I hope that they might inspire people to get outside more and to appreciate and protect the environment. And mainly, just to live, because it don't last long!